During my career, I practiced several professions. This site focuses on my work and services as a photographer while giving you a glimpse of my career in recent years as an actor, songwriter, filmmaker and trainer.
Please, take note that the English version of this site is under construction. Here and there, you will find sections in French only (sorry for the inconvenience). The BOUTIQUE as well as the photos galleries are bilingual (En / Fr)

I began my artistic journey as an actor, which tinted everything I did later on. Today, when asked to define myself concisely, I tend to say that I am a storyteller. Through words, music and images, I aim to tell the world as I perceive it, dwelling on the day to day details, the untold gestures, the furtive glances, the shadows, everything life has to offer while we are busy building disenchanted tomorrows



La poire oubliée • The Forgotten Pear

Voici trois des cinq photos de ma série "La poire oubliée". Pour un aperçu de toutes les photos, cliquez ici.
Here are three of the five photos from my "The Forgotten Pear" series. For an overview of all the photos in the series, click